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For gluten-free options when you are out and about and on the road - discover the GlutenfreeRoad

Here you can find tips on where to eat when you're out and about, on holiday or on your travels

Whether you're at home or abroad, following a gluten-free diet doesn't have to mean that you can't eat out. As you will discover, many hotels and restaurants are happy to meet your dietary requirements. Armed with a few top tips, you can sit back and enjoy eating out in restaurants, coffee houses and take-away outlets, whether you're just around the corner or halfway across the world.

With a bit of preparation before you set off, there's no reason why your holiday shouldn't be hassle-free!

  • Work out exactly which foods you can and can't eat.
  • Make sure that you have packed some essential gluten-free foods for the first few days of your holiday. Then you don't have to worry about finding a shop straight away. Bread, biscuits and other snacks are great for when you're travelling. Note: To avoid any risk of contamination, you should only pack bread that does not need to be pre-baked.
  • Before you set off, get in touch with the coeliac association in the country where you're travelling.
  • If you're flying or going on a cruise, make sure you enquire about gluten-free meal options when booking. Some travel companies are already offering a gluten-free alternative.
  • Learn from the experiences of others. Before you travel, check out the ratings and comments for local eating establishments, so that you can be relatively confident about your restaurant choices.
  • Always call the restaurant before you set out to make sure that they are serving gluten-free meals that day.
  • If possible, try and speak to the chef yourself, so that you can explain the situation in person. You can use the card provided to help you explain your requirements and help the chef help you.

This is how you order your gluten-free meal in various languages

Are holidays just around the corner and are you going to a far away place? Then the anticipation must be building!

But how do you explain to the cook or the waiter in the hotel or restaurant in Turkish that your meal must be gluten-free? It's a tough one. But the German Coeliac Society (DGZ) has a good tip for you that they have very kindly shared with us: To get the best from the cook - an explanation of coeliac condition printed out in various languages. 

This is what dining should be like!


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Interested in new gluten-free locations near you?